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Friends of the Wildcats


Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for “Scottish” or “Scotsman”.  Albannach is comprised of two Scotsmen and one Scottish lass, all born and bred in Scotland! Plus one American born Scot and an Irishman.  Their main purpose in life is to share their intriguing culture, history and heritage with you by means of music. Albannach is not just another Scottish ‘Pipes & Drums’ band, our primal drumming and precise piping stirs the soul of anyone who hears them – young and old! With a champion piper, the unique sounds and talents of a didgeridoo player, and the tribal style bass drumming – our music isn’t for the faint of heart! It’s aggressive, like a Celtic punch to the face!

A special thank you to Albannach for not only wearing our shirts on stage but also telling the wonderful crowd about the cats.

If you are an artist interested in working with Saving Scottish Wildcats please use the Let's Chat button in the bottom right corner. We may be a purrfect fit!

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